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The “Meshchiyte” Tower, VratsaCod 2699

One of the eternal symbols of Vratsa is the Clock tower, or better known under the name of the Meshchiite Tower. The immobile is situated in the center – in the proximity of the City hall from the city.

According to the historical information, this unique component point existed even from the 16th century and in the past they had a defensive character. More centuries later it was transformed into a clock tower, which shows the hours perfectly.

The fortification, which reaches to 13 meters of height and has a massive structure of stone, in the past, it protected the city against the thieves and the predators. The immobile has the shape of a right prism and consists of a ground floor and three floors, which served for defense. The third floor was covered with a dome of carved stone on four arched arches and boarded floors.

The principal construction material for the construction of the building was the broken stones and mortar. The walls are thick of approximately 1, 80 meters and each floor is touched through a wooden staircase with only one ax. Initially, the entrance is situated on the western side – almost two meters from the ground. But after a time it was built up and it was made a new one of the eastern wing, at the soil level.

The Meshchiite Tower is very similar in appearance with the other tower from the city – Kurtpashova, but the print is three times bigger and with a pronounced defensive character.

In 2006, there are executed recreation activities and there was added a new artistic front of lighting for the destination to be more attractive for the tourists from Bulgaria.

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