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“Ledenika” Cave, VratsaCod 2735

The Ledenika cave is one of the most visited ones in Bulgaria. It’s fully operating during the whole year and its located 16km away from Vratsa. The cave is 320m long and it has 10 hales. In the first hall the temperature drops to -20 degrees and it forms ice column. This is a phenomenon […]

The House “Baba Iliytsa”, ChelopekCod 2734

The museum – house Baba Iliytsa is situated in the village Chelopek, at 6 kilometers from Vratsa. Baba Iliytsa was a Bulgarian woman, who helped after the defeat and the end of Botev from the crest Okolchitsa, in Vratsa from the Balkans. With the risk of her life, it saves one of the commanders of […]

The Park of the Bulgarian-Romanian Friendship, OryahovoCod 2733

The park is situated in the Eastern part of the city, on the highest point from the center of Oriahovo, from where it has a view over the entire coast of the Danube and of the Romanian city Beckett, on the other part of the river. The park of the Bulgarian – Romanian friendship is […]

The Monument of the Freedom, OryahovoCod 2732

Executed by the sculptor Arnoldo Zocci, for the commemoration of the Romanian soldiers who lost for the liberation of Bulgaria from under the Turkish occupation.

The Museum-House “Diko Iliev”, OriahovoCod 2731

The museum disclosed the environment in which Diko Iliev (1898 – 1985), one of the most renowned folk Bulgarian musician, conductor and composer of folk dances, he lived and he worked. He also founded a large number of orchestras from the north of Bulgaria.

The History Museum, OryahovoCod 2730

The museum is situated in the native house of Filip Simidov, a remarkable personality of the Renaissance period. Of interest among the collections there are the authentic jewelries, ceramic bowls, a marble statue of the Great Pastor and marble cross from the 4th century. Created in 1938 by Nicolas Kotzev, today the History Museum is […]

“Orehov”, VratsaCod 2729

Orehov was mentioned for the first time in a document from 1926, in the connection with the passage of the Hungarian troops alongside the Bulgarian fields. The ancient establishment is situated on one of the hills with a view towards Oryahovo, the highest point from the Bulgarian border of the Danube (226 m). The region, […]

The Kozlodui Pier, KozloduiCod 2728

From the Botev park alongside the marked route, you can reach the Kozlodui pier dating back to the time of the period of the state Asparouh and starting from the locality Kiler Bair, at west from the port. The pier was built at the end of the 7th century and it has 32 km length, […]

The Monument of Hristo Botev, VratsaCod 2727

Inscribed on the impressive monument in the obelisk of Botev with the phrase “He will not die”. A great votive stone cross, placed here after the Liberation for marking the historical and the holy place, was also conserved. At 5 kilometers north – west from the center of the historian city Kozloduy, on the 17th […]

The “Botev” Park from Kozloduy, KozloduyCod 2726

The spacious Park Botev is expanded on the western part of Kozlodui, in the proximity of the port. It is around the place where in May 1976 Hristo Botev and his detachment debarked from the village Radetzki to the native land. At 5 kilometers north – west from the center of Kozlodui on the Danube, […]