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The Monastery Gradeshki “Saint John the Baptist”, VratsaCod 2765

The Monastery Gradeshnitsa is situated in the proximity of the village Gradeshnitsa at 36 kilometers from the city Montana and 38 kilometers from the city Vrața. The transportation: The road to the Monastery Gradeshki is easily accessible by car from the village Gradeshnitsa. The monastery’s history: The appearance of the monastery “Saint John the Baptist” […]

The Monastery “Saint Elijah the Prophet”, Tarjishki (Strupeshki)Cod 2764

The monastery Strupetski “Saint John the Prophet” is situated in the northern part of the crest the Bold Head in the western part, on the right border of the Iskar River. Situated in a picturesque area in the proximity of the Iskar River, at approximately 4, 5 km from the village Strupets. According to the […]

The Monastery Cherepish “The Assumption of Mary”, VratsaCod 2763

The Monastery Cherepish “the Assumption of Mary” is situated in the Quays Iskar, on the northern cliffs of the Balkan Mountains, on the river Iskar. The monastery is situated in the proximity of Liutibrod, at 10 km. from the city Mezdra and at 25 km south from the city Vrața. Transportation: Through Cherepish, the monastery […]

The Episcopacy Church “Saint Nicolai”, VratsaCod 2762

The church was built in the period of the year 1865 – 1867. In the temple there are kept the relics of the first bishop from Vrața, after the freeing of Bulgaria from the Ottoman domination, which is why the temple was named Episcopal. The church has beautiful frescos and icons, among which some of […]

The Monastery Ivan Pusti, VratsaCod 2761

The monastery was founded in the year 1544. The studies show the fact that it never was a known workshop of watercrafts. The monastery’s history can be followed from the Thracians, which left traces in numerous caves from the surroundings. In the proximity of the monastery is the crown of gold of the foundations of […]

Fortress “The Stone”, OryahovoCod 2760

The fortress is situated 1km west of Oryahovo’s town. Located on a high hill, giving a perfect view over the surrounding environment. The fortress was built during 4th century and it was an important cross border post – part of the defense system in the north border of Bulgaria. Here was the important roman track […]

Thematic Trail „Griffon Vulture in Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park”, Vrachanksi BalkanCod 2759

The trail reveals the mysterious world of an almost unknown in Bulgaria birds, vultures. Providing you with interesting information, the trail affords meetings with griffon vultures in their natural environment from an observation point built for the purpose and from other watching places. When passing along the trail follow the marking, and do not disturb […]

Thematic Trail „Voivodin Dol – Waterfall Skaklya”, Voivodin DolCod 2758

The trail climbs on Voivodin Dol in fascinating beech woods. On the ridge, there is a shelter and 100m south of it, a fountain. e trail then follows the ridge and reach the vertical wall of Skaklia Waterfall. Here the trail goes round the upper part of the waterfall from the east and a steep […]

Ecotrail “Belite Skali”, LyutibrodCod 2757

The route starts near the bridge over the Iskar river in the village of Lyutibrod. It features erected places for rest and information boards for the history of the village. It passes along the historical locality Rashov dol, remains from a Middle Age church dating from the ХII–ХIV century, early Christian basilica dating from the […]

Thematic Trail „Ledenika Cave”, Gorno OzirovoCod 2756

Маршрутът преминава през разнообразни природни терени – от открити ливади до красиви вековни букови гори. По време на Вашето планинско пътешествие ще можете да се запознаете с 10-те природни парка в България и да получите любопитни сведения за биологичното разнообразие и възможностите за туризъм във всеки от тях. По трасето на пътеката са разположени кътове […]