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The Museum-House “Grigori Naidenov”, VratsaCod 2708

The house is the birth place of Grigorii Najdenov and it is part of the ethnographic complex Sofronii Vrachanski. The museum – house represents a rich ethnographical exhibit called the “World of the child at the end of the 19th century, the beginning of the 20th century”. In the exhibit, the child’s life is shown in different stages of growth – the environment of the village and of the city, the first steps in the local school, and the environment of the child’s family, the objects from the house, associated with the raising of the child, etc.


“The world of the child from the XIXth century and from the beginning of the XXth century.”

In the House “Grigorie Naidenov” it was built the first exhibit from the country “The world of the child from the XIXth century and the beginning of the XXth century”. With archive photographs and original pieces of equipments of household associated with the raising of the child, clothing and accessories from the children until the teenagers, with restructures of objects for them, the exhibit followed a family environment in which the children are raised and educated from the rural environment and the children from the urban environment, their place in the ritual world of our people. It impresses with creative ideas in the manufacturing of the natural exhibits, materials which outline the games of the world agricultural child: traditional toys, household articles used in their day-to-day games and of amusement, musical toys especially designed for them, “cloth” dolls and towels from corn leafs, animal figures from the same materials, different types of balls, games and accessories for the winter divertissement.

In the exhibit it is present the rich and the diverse world of the urban child. It contains archive photographs and household equipments associated with the cultivation and original special carrier, of whose type existed in Vratsa at the border between the XIXth and the XXth century. The toys influenced by the European culture and by the secular education, produced in the factory, original exhibits, marking the first steps in the child world and school requisites which introduce the child into the new world.
The total exposition from the house “Grigorie Naidenov” opens the doors to a forgotten world, but with multiple aspects full of color, full of love for the child in the Bulgarian patriarchal family and the caring for their physical and for their spiritual growth.

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