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The Baltata Rezervation near Albena, AlbenaCod 2012

The”Baltata” maintained Reservation covers Batovska Valley in northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Here the dense forest locted in the north of Europe is protected . Twice a year (rising waters in spring and autumn high waters) the river overflows and floods (drowning) the forest.
Despite its relatively young age (45-60 years) and her izdankov character, the dense forest is fabulously beautiful. The combination of trees nd shrubs that love light and shadow gives it a a layered look. At the top (30-35 m) rise the two species of inseparable tree species, the most common, field elm and ash undergrowth. Besides these two we can often meet the summer oak, maple, wild hair, hornbeam, alder, the white poplar and white willow.
The dense bushes are composed of simple black Hawthorn, Cornus Kousei, blackberries, hawthorn, hazel, Calin and others. Twists plants (vines) as bodliva liana, Periploca Graeca, ivy, wild vine, simple Clematis are weaving around the trees, forming a dense barrier, stinging and give a impenetrable jungle forest nature. Particularly strange are creepers hanging on branches and some green garlands and draperies carpet of grass and flowers such as marsh snowdrop, iris, bluebell, Potentilla, Polygonatum multiflorum, medical hollyhock, Oman black and white, Physalis alkekengi, Enterobius vermicularis, Epilobium and others are a miraculously beautiful and multicolored carpet. The dense forest and the reeds in marshy areas and overflowing of the river is a haven for various species of animals – amphibians, reptiles, birds, mammals etc. The avifauna is represented by woodpecker, hoopoe, Columba palumbus and near the sea we can find gulls, shelducks,, cormorants.
Here we can also meet the swamp snowdrop included in the Red Book of Bulgaria, whose natural populations are threatened by destruction. This species makes the reservation very attractive and glamorous. It has the stem longer than usual and has more flowers. Nivalin is obtained from this plant – a valuable and effective medicine, recognized internationally. The plant is poisonous.

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