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Bolata (Beach), BalgarevoCod 2066

“Bolata” is a beautiful bay, north of Cape Kaliakra. It is a narrow gorge that is cut in bank. From the shore the beach is surrounded by cliffs with caves carved into them. A small brook passing through the Gulf and around the place where formed in sand beach – one in the cape Kaliakra, near the village Balgarevo.

The beach is part of the same reserve Bolata, passing over one of the largest air highways of migratory birds from all over Europe – Via Pontica. Here can be seen the golden eagle and a variety of water birds such as bittern, marsh, egrets, kingfishers blue and sinking rates Podiceps grisegena.

Bolata beach is known as a place for diving.

Bolata is the only reserve in Bulgaria, including the territorial sea, maritime zone.

The area is a wetland of importance for many species of animals and rare plants. The sandy beach is of natural origin and unique rocky shores near Kaliakra. A small river forms a narrow gorge and flows into the marsh overgrown with reed broad mass. Limestone rocks in the area are red because of iron oxide from clay that fills the cracks. The bay is part of the protected area and “Kaliakra complex” NATURA 2000.

In the caves of Bolata were found the remains of an ancient settlement and evidence of life from the year 400 BC and Maltese Cross – evidence for the Second Bulgarian Kingdom trade with Venice and Genoa. There are discovered stone circles, sacrificial stones, rock caves – dwellings. The beach is known as a place for diving. A steep trail in north climb up to the top of the rock wall, where there are open views across a ravine. Bolata Bay became part of the club “The most beautiful bays in the world”.

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