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Architectural and Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, DobrichCod 2021

Architectural and ethnographic museum “The old Dobroch” is a is an outdoor museum where are preserved, presented and develop traditional crafts from Dobrogea at the end of XIXth century and the first half of the XXth century. It is located in the center of modern Dobrich, in the former Odun bazaar. The the restored city bazaar, the elders craftsmen continues for centuries their old tradition of craft. After manuals and old technologies with original instruments in more than 30 workshops, traditional objects are made of ceramic, iron, embroidery, weaving, cooperage, rough wool fabrics, gold ornaments and others. In the center of the complex was restored old clock tower built in sec. XVIII, which is accessible to tourists.

In the ethnographic complex are organized folk performances and demonstrations of old Bulgarian crafts. It also offers educational programs for making objects by old techniques with traditional folk instruments. In the exhibition hall of the complex, a permanent exhibition “Dobrogea Archaeology” is arranged and the Academic Museum is founded, represents a partial reconstruction of the Renaissance School of XIXth century.

The exhibition “Dobrogea Archaeology ” presents the famous “Settlement mound on the big island” and related necropolis on the western shore of Lake Durankulak. In this new complex are revealed, nine restorations from Neolithic, Chalcolithic, Bronze Age, antiquity and the early Middle Ages, With a continuous timeline since before 5250 BC. to IX-Xth century AD.

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