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“Dobrotitsa” Monument, DobrichCod 2024

Dobrotitsa was a gentleman, feudal ruler of the Despotate Dobrogea and Kaliakra fortress from 1347 to 1385. Venetian sources from the end of the 14th century refer to Dobrotitsa with the title of “Bulgarian despot”. Between the 1393 and 1397, during the reign of his son Ivanko, Karvuna falls under the attacks of the Ottoman Turks, which already reigned in Tarnovo, in the Shishman Kingdom.
In 1346, together with his brother Theodore and 1.000 soldiers he participates in the palace fighting, along with Byzantine empress Anna of Savoy. In the 1348 he was ruling the Midia Fortres, and has conquered Emona in 1357 (Cape Emine) and Kozjak (Ozbor today).

Together with Vlach leader Vladislav Vlaicu in 1369 he is inlcuded in the Orthodox coalition against the Hungarians to help Ivan Sratsimir.

Later he has been established in Varna, and there formed his fleet, which in 1374 has acted on Trapizond coast. The fleet was small but strong.

After Dobrotitca name are called Dobrogea region (pronunciation of his name in Turkish), the Dobrich city and two villages – Dobrudzha Dobrotitca in Silistra and Dobrotitca in Targoviste district.

Except for the monument of Despot Dobrotitsa there are a neighborhood named after him in Dobrich town.

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