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Tiulenovo Village, TiulenovoCod 2049

Tyulenovo lies about 80 km from Varna, between Kamen Bryag Village and Shabla Cape lighthouse. It is known for its unique picturesque and rocky coast – dotted with countless caves. There the waves and wind have carved bizarre shapes in the vertical rocks pleated like a veil. It is enough to throw bait to provide a memorable dinner near the fire, and if you don’t have luck, scallops and rapanele here are abundant. Most passionate anglers can rent a boat.

Camping enthusiasts can wildly clap their sleeping bags directly in one of the caves situated on the beach. From there, you can see the rock formations such as rock bridge / Kipriata /, Samotnika, rock monasteries, stone Martinská and other natural sculptures. Incredible sensations expect the climbers – there are several trails of varying difficulty degrees. Conditions for diving are some of the best on the Black Sea.

The most interesting underwater cave is Tiulenova. It is the longest – 107 m. It is characterized as one floor, branched, transient. Nearby is the bay with megaliths – and there you can see the spheres and suns carved in stone.

The old name of the village is Kalac Kyoya (“Village of the sword”). The original name was Turkish because the Gagauz population (Christians of Turkish origin). In the village many Bulgarians are gradually established from within Bulgaria, primarily from Kotel. In 1942 the village is renamed Tyulenovo because this monk seal species herds, for which just such a combination of golf, caves, cliffs and low winds proved a good place for habitation.

The story goes that in the 30s of last century, Queen Mary, received as a gift a pair of seals. Initially they lived in an area surrounded on the banks of Balchik, but soon she decided to release them after they have adapted and created generations of living underwater caves Tyulenovo.

They say that seals are still living in the cliffs to the north and south of the village. Others argue that, in 1978, during an underwater expedition Germans in one of the caves a diver found the remains of the last dead seal. Even if there were other survivors, today it is hard to find and rather is a myth that the local population supports for the tourists.

Pe 31.05.1951 aici a fost descoperit primul camp de petrol din Bulgaria. La aceasta data, mai 31, locuitorii satului Tiulenovo au ales sa fie si sarbatoarea satului lor. In 1954 este infiintata intreprinderea pentru mineritul de petrol si gaze naturale, numita “Combustibili lichizi”. Potrivit unor studii geologice, mineritul a trebuit sa continue 15-20 de ani, dar si pana astazi aproape de Tiulenovo sunt asezate foraje petroliere.

On 05/31/1951 here was the first oil field discovered in Bulgaria. On this date, May 31, the villagers of Tyulenovo have chosen to be the celebration of their village. In 1954 was founded the company for mining oil and gas, called “Liquid Fuels”. According to geological surveys, mining had to continue 15-20 years, but until today are placed oil drilling close to Tyulenovo.

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