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International Bocce Tournament, ShablaCod 2091

Petanque comes from French and is a sport associated with throwing metal balls. Playing on the playground with the size of 15-40 m. The floor can be different – sand, grass and others. In the middle there is a wood ball called cosonet, a ball with a diameter of 25-30 mm and metal balls are weighed 70.5-80.0 mm – 650-800 grams. The aim is to throw the ball metal and to stop as close as possible to the wooden ball or hit the ball of the opponent to remove it. Balls closer to the target of the nearest opponent is counted as points. Is played to 13 points.
Petanque allows maintaining good physical shape, without excessive effort and allows communication with people in a casual pleasant environment. Petanque is played by all ages – from children to pensioners, children disadvantaged by physical education classes issued.

Every year takes place in Shabla international petanque tournament.

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