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Gulf of birds (Taukliman), RusalkaCod 2015

On the seashore of Dobrogea, approximately 6 km northeast of Cape Kaliakra, there is a natural, beautiful and unique area – the Birds Gulf (Taukliman), incredibly charming with its small beaches, terraced slopes, with hot mineral water in abundance and plenty of rocky islands scattered along the coast.
Bay birds is a typical slip of land on a length of about 4 km, formed between, Dobrogea edge of the plateau and the seashore. The lime stone, crushed in several places slipped over a layer of decomposed clay, sat deeper with a slope to the east and one to the northeast. As a result four teraces were formed in the shape of an amphitheater (steps of landslides), separated from each other by almost vertical slope. The whiten crowns of tall rocks are going pitoresque white in the middle of the lush vegetation on the terraces. The crowns of trees with shorter stems and shrubs such as hornbeam, horn, hazelnut etc. are closely woven of wild vines and Smilax. Between terraces, the holes of caves can be seen some of them on the beach.
The most beautiful are located at the top of landslides – Great dark hole (the longest, 170 m, Aragonitova cave richly decorated with beautiful crystals or the small cave, the Eye of the Needle with colored red formations.
Interesting: Gulf is known by the name Taukliman, hich in translation from Turkish means birds bay. The name is associated with the migration route Via Pontica. Every spring thousands of flocks of gulls, geese and others stop in the bay for rest, and it becomes a real kingdom of birds. Once they recovers its powers, the flocks continues to the north, to East European Plain, to Central and Northern Europe. In autumn they rest again here, before continuing their trip to south, toward the River Nile delta.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
If yes, how many nights do you intend to/have spend in the region?
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