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Tekke “Ak Yazala Baba – St. Atanasius”, ObrochishteCod 2036

Tekke “Ak Yazala baba” – the most famous Muslim and Christian sanctuary in the past Bulgarian countries, it is located near the Obrochiste village, not far from the dense forest “Baltata” and the Black Sea coast. “Except tekke sites of Imams Ali and Hussein in Bgadad there is no place with such a tekke in […]

Military Museum Cemetery, DobrichCod 2035

On the former Dobrich famous churches dating from the Renaissance, it is the largest Bulgarian military cemetery from the First World War. Here are resting 3,000 soldiers from six national armies, of seven nationalities (Bulgarian, Russian, Romanian, German, Turkish, Serbian and Hebrews) and four different religions. Today, the rocky tombs remind us about the memorable […]

The “Holy Trinity” Church, DobrichCod 2034

The “Holy Trinity” Church is located in th central part of the city of Dobrich. The older ecclesial building, on this place was built in 1859, to the left from the entrance of today church. Here was opened th first school building in town, where mutual method was teached. The Curch of today was built […]

The “St. Gheorghi” Church, DobrichCod 2033

The Church of St. George was built in 1842 and it is the oldest Orthodox church in the town of Dobrich. It is located in the city center, close to the Ethnographic Museum in Dobrich. During the Crimean War in 1853-1856 the church was burned and it was rebuilt in its actual form in 1864. […]

The Armenian Church “St. Ovanes”, DobrichCod 2032

In the nineteenth century, the church was burned twice during the Russian-Turkish wars. A t was built in 1894 on the site of an old church in 1830. Its  project  is the work of Italian architects. It is a church with a single nave, foundations and stone walls and a wooden roof. In the church […]

Regional Museum of History, DobrichCod 2031

Dobrich, Regional Museum of History was founded in 1953. The first museum exhibition was organized in 1960, in the former casino building. The museum collects, studies, preserves and presentsthe cultural-historical and natural Patrimony of Dobrogea and Dobrich county. Departments: Archeology; Renaissance; Ethnography; Modern History; Literature and Arts; Nature. More than 180 000 exhibits are preserved […]

Museum of Nature and History, DobrichCod 2030

The Natural Museum of History in Dobrich is located at the beginning of the city park “St. Georgi”. It is created in 1860 and declared monument of art. The museum is an objective of the Regional Muzeulul of History of Dobrich. The museum has two exhibition halls: The first hall presents the exhibition “Dobrogea’s Nature […]

The House-Monument “Yordan Yovkov”, DobrichCod 2029

The House-Monument “Yordan Yovkov” was opened in 1980, in connection with the Bulgarian author Yordan Yovkov classic centenary – the one of the most popular storytellers, humanitarians and master of narrative, whose works are included in many anthologies worldwide and have been translated into over 40 languages. In the new museum it is arranged an […]

The House-Museum of “Yordan Yovkov”, DobrichCod 2028

The house is a real estate with a cultural value of national importance. The house has retained the unique atmosphere of the famous Bulgarian writer time Yordan Yovkov who lived here, during the most romantic period of his life. House-Museum “Yordan Yovkov” was opened in 1968, in th nativ Yokov wife’s house , Despina Koleva. […]

Basic Shooting and Horseriding Base, DobrichCod 2027

The complex has one of the most modern facilities for horses. Their indoor arena enables riding, throughout the year. Care, food and accommodation of horses are at extremely high levels. The large opened space (paddock) of base Riding allow animals to spend free time in conditions close to natural ones. Shooting and horse riding base […]