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The “St. Gheorghi” Church, DobrichCod 2033

The Church of St. George was built in 1842 and it is the oldest Orthodox church in the town of Dobrich. It is located in the city center, close to the Ethnographic Museum in Dobrich. During the Crimean War in 1853-1856 the church was burned and it was rebuilt in its actual form in 1864.
The building has a height of 12 m, because when it was built there was a law in force era banning the Orthodox churches to ascend more than offices of Muslim for worship. The Church gas beautiful façade and extremely well painted. Iconography in the church dates back in 1889.
The Church of St. George is small, but extremely beautiful and impressive. It is one of the most interesting places that necessarily must seen in Dobrich. The Church’s patron is Martyr Saint George. It is located right in the city center and is easily accessible. If you come by car, park on one of the streets nearby. The Church of St. George is located near the Ethnographic Museum in Dobrich.
The Church of St. George is the oldest Orthodox church, which can be seen in Dobrich. In the 19th century it was built thanks to donations of Bulgarian patriots. Among those who donated funds to raise the altar is Ivan Hadjivalkov. Construction of the church was completed in 1843, but during the Crimean War from 1853 to 1856 was burned. According to the stories of the area, the restoration of the St. George Church is completed in 1864.
It is believed that the church portico is raised by adding in a subsequent period. The Church was painted in 1889, during the Metropolitan Simeon, then consecrated by him. There is no historical data regarding the exact moment when the bell was raised. The church of St. George in Dobrich suffered some partial restorations over the years, the last was in 2000 when four icons were renovated.
Today inside the church erected in honor of St. Georgi in Dobrich can be seen incredible mural paintings and icons. The Church of St. Gheorghe has two entrances, but only one is permanently open. Another gate opens only when there are large celebrations.

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