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The Clock Tower, DobrichCod 2025

The Clock Tower of the “Old Dobrich” is one of the city’s symbols. The first informations regarding the clock tower are from 1762. In 1965 the old clock tower is demolated. The current tower was restored after old drawings, memories and images. The clock Tower of today has a height of 21 meters. The clock mechanism is made by master blacksmith Iliya Kovachev of Gabrovo and is cretaed according to the Renaissance old watches scheme of Elena, Dryanovo și Tryavna. The mechanism weighs 250 kg. It is powered by two weights, which represent rocks of different weights. The clock is adjusted manually. The tower has a bell which weighs 320 kg and is cast in the workshop bells at St. Synod of Sofia. His first rumor rang on June 28, 1985.

The first information about the clock tower belong to Slovenian professor Joseph Ruggiero Boskovic (Dubrovnik scientist), who in 1762 traveled on the route Istanbul – Aitos – Karnobat – Provadia – New Pazar – Dobrich – Harsovo – Galati and so he visited Hadzhioglu Pazardzhik. A century later, in an old Ottoman document it was reported that the town clock was built with funds from the local population. Its construction is in carved stones, and from the architectural point of view the tower is shaped like a pentagon, which ends with a covered porch and a conical roof, “similar to the minaret.” In 1872, Felix Kanitz – Austro-Hungarian archaeologist, ethnographer and geographer – Hebrew by origin finds the clock tower in ruins. Just a few years later, it starts to work again, this time merit goes to Arif Hikmet Bey, who donated two stores with an annual rent of 35 money for the restoration and maintenance.

After Dobrich’s liberation from Ottoman rule the clocktower care is taken by the Town Council. At the end of century the clocktower is adapted for fire observation post. Then, inside the tower is made and a small room for the service man, who gave flashlightsignals in case of fire.

During Romanian rule 1919-1940, the clock tower is changing again. Then the conical roof of the bell, is replaced with a roof in the form of a mushroom.

In 1965 the old clock tower I sdemolished again. The current tower is recovered by drawings, memories and images that are stored in the Museum of History – Dobrich. A It was built by master Dyanko Petkov Kladnitsa village, Pernik and local craftsmen in the village of Balgarevo. It designer is the architect Vitleem Chalakov.

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