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Yaylata AreaCod 2016

Yaylata is a unique corner of the Black Sea coast. It lies in the northeast of the Gulf of birds between the head of Shabla and Kaliakra majestic head, about 1.5 km south of Kamen Bryag. “Yailata” is a picturesque place, which topographical is a half-km terrace carved into the steep and rocky shores, extremely […]

Gulf of birds (Taukliman), RusalkaCod 2015

On the seashore of Dobrogea, approximately 6 km northeast of Cape Kaliakra, there is a natural, beautiful and unique area – the Birds Gulf (Taukliman), incredibly charming with its small beaches, terraced slopes, with hot mineral water in abundance and plenty of rocky islands scattered along the coast. Bay birds is a typical slip of […]

Krapets VillageCod 2014

Krapets is a small fishing village on the Black Sea, just 10 km north of Shabla and 90 km from Varna, near the end of the international road E87, which runs along the entire coastline. Krapets is a quiet place, known for its sand dunas and birds nesting and which remain to winter around it. […]

Cape KaliakraCod 2013

The cape si a a narrow rocky peninsula, headed to south, falling about 2 km into the sea. Bordered by vertical purple rocks, the Cape Kaliakra enters two kilometers into the sea and closes a large horseshoe-shaped promontory. Its view becomes even more magical when it is lit by 98 projectors and 30 powerful lamps.. […]

The Baltata Rezervation near Albena, AlbenaCod 2012

The”Baltata” maintained Reservation covers Batovska Valley in northern Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Here the dense forest locted in the north of Europe is protected . Twice a year (rising waters in spring and autumn high waters) the river overflows and floods (drowning) the forest. Despite its relatively young age (45-60 years) and her izdankov character, […]

Kaliakria ResortCod 2011

Peaceful and charming coves, secluded beaches. Panoramic view of the picturesque bay of Balchik and Kavarna. Kaliakria is located in one of the most picturesque places on the Black Sea, about 60 km north of Varna. Created in harmony with nature in the area, the complex combines exquisite Mediterranean style with touches, such as wrought […]

Turgut Reis Mosque, BalchikCod 2010

The mosque is located near the harbor in the old part of town. It was built in the 19th century, and somewhere should be a special inscription (Kitab) to mention the year of 1293 H. Smaller building does not stand out, but it has a specific architecture. It is believed that the tomb of Admiral […]

The Church of St. Constantine and Elena, BalchikCod 2009

The Church of St. Constantine and Elena is a basilica type, divided into three naves with an apse. The church has no dome and is characterized above all by its exquisite stone details on the belfry. Inside the paintings are missing. As a result Stambolov government policy in 1906 many Greeks have left the Bulgaria. […]

The “St. Petka Tarnovska” Church, BalchikCod 2008

“St. Petka” is the only orthodox parish in Balchik designed by a professional architect and not by a folk artist. Although the name of the architect was lost in time we learn from the Romanian sources that, in ’30s of the last century the Romanian architect Stefan Bals has designed the church in Balchik. And, […]

The Mother Goddess Temple – Cybela, BalchikCod 2007

The Mother Goddess Temple- Cybela in Balchik is the only Hellenic temple descovered and preserved not only in Bulgaria but in the Balkans. The ancient temple of “Pontic Mother of the gods – Cybele” was opened in April 2007, during the the construction activities on private property in the coastal zone. In April 2007, during […]