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The Museum of History, BalchikCod 2002

The Museum of History in Balcic is situated on the territory of four different buildings. Its beginning is placed by the archeological researches of Karel Shkorpil back in 1907. Thirty years later he opened an art gallery, the archaeological and ethnographic exhibition, located in the royal summer residence. By late August 1940, all these have ceased to exist, and a large part of the cultural values are taken to Romania. Two decades later, the museum began to work again. iÎ the following years he performed many researches and collection. Today more than 20 000 cultural monuments belonging to the cultural heritage of Bulgaria are kept in his funds. These are divided into several funds: archaeological, ethnographic and artistic and are represented by different exposures.
The museum preserves artifacts illustrating the material culture of the population of Balchik and the city surroundings starting with the city appearance in the sixth century BC until 1940.
The exhibition includes marble statues and epigraphic monuments from Balchik discoveries of the mother goddess of Cybele of the pontic Temple – the “find of the century”, according to the local and foreign archaeologists. Built in the years 280-260 BC and existed until the IVth century AD. As number and variety of images, this is the largest group of monuments associated with the cult of Cybele, found so far in one place. The studied ancient Temple is the only temple ever found in the eastern part of the Balkan Peninsula, the best preserved Hellenic temple in Bulgaria and the only temple of the goddess in the world so well preserved.

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