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The Ossuary Monument, DobrichCod 2026

Monument of Russian soldiers who died for the liberation of the city in 1878. Next to this is the Brotherhood Heap. The monument was built in 1901. It is located in “Dobrotitsa” neighborhood near the Khan Asparuh Monument.

The Clock Tower, DobrichCod 2025

The Clock Tower of the “Old Dobrich” is one of the city’s symbols. The first informations regarding the clock tower are from 1762. In 1965 the old clock tower is demolated. The current tower was restored after old drawings, memories and images. The clock Tower of today has a height of 21 meters. The clock […]

“Dobrotitsa” Monument, DobrichCod 2024

Dobrotitsa was a gentleman, feudal ruler of the Despotate Dobrogea and Kaliakra fortress from 1347 to 1385. Venetian sources from the end of the 14th century refer to Dobrotitsa with the title of “Bulgarian despot”. Between the 1393 and 1397, during the reign of his son Ivanko, Karvuna falls under the attacks of the Ottoman […]

Khan Asparuh Monument, DobrichCod 2023

In Dobrich is located the largest monument of the Khan Asparuh in Bulgaria. The monument is the workoera of Velichko Minekov and of the architect Ivan Nikolov. It was opened in 1981 to commemorate the 1300 anniversary from the founding of Bulgaria. Raised in memory of the creator of the first Bulgarian state it is […]

The Zoological Park, DobrichCod 2022

The Center for the Protection of Nature and animals is unique both in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. Created by a Bulgarian-Swiss project, the zoo park has a total area of 160 acres, is populated with trees and shrubs aged 40 years, with transport and comfortable pedestrian links. Also known as the Center for protection of […]

Architectural and Ethnographic Open-Air Museum, DobrichCod 2021

Architectural and ethnographic museum “The old Dobroch” is a is an outdoor museum where are preserved, presented and develop traditional crafts from Dobrogea at the end of XIXth century and the first half of the XXth century. It is located in the center of modern Dobrich, in the former Odun bazaar. The the restored city […]

The Art Gallery, DobrichCod 2020

Art Gallery in Dobrich is a museum specialized in fine art. The Gallery is hosted by a building which is a cultural monument. It was built in the period 1933 – 1935, and it is interesting as an example of European influence on the architecture in the city (architects are Italian and Romanian graduates). In […]

Durankulak Lake, DurankulakCod 2019

The lake Durankulak is the northernmost coastal natural lake in Bulgaria. Located in a old river valley at 0,5 m altitude. Its surface is of 350 ha, and its depth is of maximum 4 m, while the average is of – 1.4 m. Its shores are small, heavily dissected. To the east a wide stripe […]

The Necropolis of Durankulak, DurankulakCod 2018

On the big island on the Lake of Duranturnulshko is the largest to date prehistoric objectiv in Balkan Peninsula in exploration. The scientists enroll the leftover stone buildings found here to in early Eneolithic (4750-4500 î.Hr.) and define them as the oldest stone architecture from Europe. The only two-storey temple of stone in Balkans is […]

The Shabla Lake, ShablaCod 2017

The protected area “Lake Shabla” is a wetland of international importance included in the Ramsar Convention. “Lake Shabla” is the best preserved wetland along the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria in terms of human activity. Lake Shabla is located near the sea beach, 5 km north-est of the town of Shabla. After the origin it […]