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The Zoological Park, DobrichCod 2022

The Center for the Protection of Nature and animals is unique both in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. Created by a Bulgarian-Swiss project, the zoo park has a total area of 160 acres, is populated with trees and shrubs aged 40 years, with transport and comfortable pedestrian links.

Also known as the Center for protection of nature and animals in Dobrich, where are grown in their natural environment over 100 animals of 30 species of deer, bighorn sheep, bear, pheasant, buffalo, exotic birds and water birds. Among the most interesting occupants are Cooney family, Igor and their son Kaliman – Przewalski horses race. They are 130 cm tall with gray-yellow thick hairm, a small mane and very bushy tail.

This center is unique not only for Bulgaria but for the whole Eastern Europe. This is the first licensed zoo in Bulgaria. The Center for the Protection of Nature and animals was opened in 2003.

In the complex is built a lake with an area of 1,200 square meters, which is the home for storks, pelicans and Muscovy ducks.The waterfall complements the overall look of the lake.
For visitors poney rides, lama or donkey-drawn cart are offered.

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