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State Hunting Complex “General Toshevo”, General ToshevoCod 2077

State hunting complex “General Toshevo” named after General Toshevo city, the largest settlement in the County and its administrative natural center, where it is established its residence.
Located in northeastern Bulgaria, Dobrichka northeast region, 24 km from the town of Dobrich, 64 km from Varna, 40 km from Balchik, north bordering the border with Romania.
The complex is within the territories of Krushari village and General Toshevo city, region Dobrichka, Krushari municipality includes 19 villages, all villages. General Toshevo municipality has 42 localities – a town and 41 villages.
The landscape is hilly plains and plateaus. Very typical are low plateaus up to 150-200 m.
Complex hunting territory is a vast plain (plateau), cut the dry valleys in western, southwestern and eastern. These landforms determine the flat relief and slightly hilly topography (in the west) area, which is slightly inclined to the north, as the general direction of the dry valleys.
Landforms terrain plays an important role in different types of habitats of plants. Thus, on the plates are made of plain habitats, and on dry valleys and on the slopes – local habitats of plants and eroded intra-zone. Complex area is located between 30 and 300 m above sea level.
In the complex is not flowing surface water. Dry Valley “Suhata reka” is the western limit of the Complex.
Generally, about vegetation in the area can be said to be characterized by oak forests in most mesoxerophytice and less Garneau. In places oak forests are mixed with silver linden, oak and hornbeam simple. As a result of anthropogenic activities continue – thinning forests and cutting them regularly, on some places penetrated oriental hornbeam, in the northwest region it dominates. Here enter steppe floral elements. All coniferous plantations are of secondary origin.
The main hunted species that inhabit the territory of the complex are noble deer, wild boar, deer.
The complex is the strong point of hunting and photo hunting of migratory birds. With the great success is characterized hunt pheasants, ducks, geese, snipe, doves, quail.
The Complex has declared several targets protected by nature, as natural landmark “Forest Alexandria” Natural landmark “Arboretum” etc.

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