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Cirakman Cape, Beach of KavarnaCod 2084

Chirakman head rises majestically on the beach of Kavarna and is one of the city’s symbols. Name means flashlight and according to historical sources, in the past, served as a reference. It is located 3 km south of Kavarna and it is a nice finish of a beautiful valley, which comes down the road from the port city Apana and the sea.

Here on the flat plateau Cirakman, inaccessible for millennia, there was an intense life. In ancient times was penunsula Cirakman of a high and impressive with great importance in navigation. During the first millennium after Hr. here there is a place known by the name Bizone. After long period of decline caused by a series of political and military conflicts and the devastating earthquake in century I before Hr., during the Roman era, Bizone life begins to recover.

In the early Byzantine era, given the escalating threat Barbara, bison moved to the Cirakman plateau, becoming at the end of century V and early VI a highly fortified place. Then in the central part of the city is built the church.
The medieval city appeared early on the Byzantine fortress ruins, after the successfully revolt of Assen and becomes a great craft center.
The definitive conquest of Dobrogenebrudzha lands of the Turks (end sec. XIV) is related to the total destruction of Cirakman and residents were relocated in the town today.

In the small bay at the foot of the village Cape Cirakman are many fishermen houses and boats, yacht harbor and beach. The area offers excellent opportunities for practicing tourism and extreme sports and alternative and tourism, for example: yacht tourism, skydiving, paragliding etc.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
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