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Karalezka Fountain, Stefan KaradgeaCod 2089

Karalezka fountain is known from Yordan Yovkov’s story “The song wheel”. The fountain you can see today in Stefan Karadgea village not far from the town of Dobrich.
It got its name from the nearest village then, Kaal (with today Tsarevets village). Yovkov connects with the public welfare construction was called sebap, committed by someone called Murad Bey in the village of Sarneno. People have told that he gave money and organized the construction of the Fountain. Nobody can describe the Fountain better than himself, Jovkov:
“And she came into his mind then about Murad Bey in Sarnevo, which was made famous fountain Karalezka. What a fountain and what a place! Nineteen gutter stone, in front buckets, that courtyard of an inn, three drains that balbolyat and pours cold water and Crystal-clear water. And around is a sad plain, dry ground and cracked, heat and hot weather, as in the desert. And herds come, people go to Fountain and their eyes burn from clogging and hot weather. On one side and on the other of Fountain’s road white and anyone who goes here, goes, or returns to, stops at the Fountain to drink. And maybe sometimes somebody will say, but each soul is gratitude and praise to the one who made the fountain and whose mouth forever whisper the names the three streams “.

For anhydrous Dobrudzhasince then the Fountain was an invaluable treasure and a favorite place for locals and tourists. For us today it is an unforgettable memory of the past, preserved by words of the famous Bulgarian writer. The visit to this fountain would be a great finish of a tour in the footsteps of cognitive Jovkov.

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