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The Municipal History Museum, Roșiorii de VedeCod 1547

The Municipal History Museum in Roșiorii de Vede, through its purpose of an institution focused on human personality forming activity, registers, together with other educational factors, as an acute necessity of the town’s spiritual life. Here is where visitors come into contact with testimonies of the distant pat, over which time has carefully flown, giving […]

The Bust of Nicolae Bălcescu, Roșiorii de VedeCod 1546

The bust of Nicolae Bălcescu was inaugurated in 1957. On June 29, 1819 was born in Bucharest Nicolae Bălcescu son of baker Barbu sin Petre the capitan and of Zinca Bălcescu. He attends the College of St. Sava having as teachers Florin Aaron and Heliade Rădulescu; the portrait of Bălcescu in his adolescence was made […]

City Hall, Roșiorii de VedeCod 1545

The city hall building is rectangular in plain and develops with one floor on height. The frame type roof, on seats, is covered in iron tin. The plastic solution of this building is characterized by the interpretation of the old architecture elements’ interpretation – the three bay windows on the central pediment of the facade, […]

Daia House, RoșioriCod 1544

The Daia House in Roșiori was built in 1902 in the specific architecture of the era, the era of economic trade fairs in full swing. Rosiorii de Vede city sits over the foundations of a Roman fort which was part of Limes Transalutanus (sec. III AD). The first documentary attestation of the municipality dates from […]

The Mamut House, Roșiorii de VedeCod 1543

In the heart of the Romanian Plain, in the center of historical Teleorman, between the gentle hills and reliefs remaining from the famous Crazy forest of Deliorman, which named this land, an urban patriachal settlement is present with picturesque surroundings and very old traditions, who give charm and a certain intimacy to these intensely spiritual […]

The Fortress of the Cossacks, RoșioriCod 1542

The Fortress of the Cossacks is a fortification of earth, archaeologically investigated, but with results remained undisclosed. This would mean that over it hovers only allegations. It has an irregular circular enclosure with a diameter of 260 m and an area of 53,066 m2. It is surrounded by a wave of 4 meters tall and […]

Aquaventura Park, RoșioriCod 1541

Aquaventure is one of the largest thermal bath and spa park in the county of Teleorman. The access inside the adventure park will imply a charge of 10 lei and for renting a sunbed, the amount of 2.5 lei. Starting with the last week of August free access is granted. The services available within the […]

The Charge Memorial Monument, PrunaruCod 1540

In 1933, in the military cemetary compound, in the memory of the heros of Regiment 2 Rosiori a memorial monument was raised represented by a bronze statue portarying a vulture with its wings spread. On the hundreds of white crosses of the soldiers there can now be read the names of heroes like ”Officer Florea” […]

The Merișani Wooden Church, MerișaniCod 1539

According to local tradition, the wooden church is a travelling one. It was brought by carriages to Merișani, former Călugărița or Jarcaleți, from the Vultureștii de Jos village, Muscelului area. The inscription is entirely kept and the text in Romanian, written in Cyrillic, reads thusly: „ The year 7317 month of March day 18, by […]

The Manor House „Manu”, MeriCod 1538

The manor house “Manu” was built in the late nineteenth century being a part of the General George Manu’s estate in the town Scrioaştea. General George Manu’s estate was made up of villages Măldăieni, Scrioaştea and Papa, having an area of 2,332 hectares, of which 150 ha of forest and 70 hectares of meadows. The […]