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Constanța Casino, ConstanțaCod 1116

The Casino beginnings link to the passage of Dobrogea, under Romanian administration, being the first building erected on the seafront after the end of Ottoman rule. Specifically, the Casino cornerstone was laid in 1880. At that time the  The settlement was located near Genoese Lighthouse and was built on wooden structure the outside was lined with boards. Inside, they were arranged a ballroom, two game rooms and two lecture halls, where visitors could read local, national and international media.

The Casino terrace, landscaped on the beachfront, was a meeting place for sailors from around the world, tourists and elite of that time.

In 1891, the Casino described above is almost completely destroyed in a storm, and the mayor decided to build a new one. In 1893 the new Casino is put in operation. The settlement was located approximately on the site of the present Casino and was built on a wooden structure, the same as the previous one.  Inside the building were  arranged more rooms and a ballroom, and  outside it continued with a terrace.
In 1903, the local authorities decide that it is time for Constanta city to have a modern casino, like those who “enlivened” the French Riviera. Responsible for compiling the project is Daniel Renard, a Romanian architect, French by origin who was living in Constanta. It was to design a building in Art Nouveau style, becoming the promoter of this trend in Romania.
Work begun in 1907 are completed in 1910 at a total cost of 1,300,000 lei.

Despite criticism, the Casino is inaugurated with great fanfare on August 15, 1910 in the presence of Prince Ferdinand. Considering the high maintenance costs of the building, in March 15, 1911 the local officials authorize gambling and the Casino is equipped with 2 pool tables and 7 tables for card games.

Shortly after the inauguration, the seaside Casino is one of the most popular venues of its kind in Europe. Inside, it was a luxurious place with beautiful decorated walls, sophisticated chandeliers, rich carpets and chosen essences furniture. Access to this exclusive world were allowed only to persons heeled and held distinguished. The luxury Casino and gambling mirage attracted rich people from all over the world, who came incognito on the Romanian lands.  In the Casino’s halls, life was intensely and dramas  often consumed!  Not a few were those who, ruined at the table, have perished by throwing themselves into the sea waves or placing their own life in a hotel room.

During the first World War, the Casino in Constanța operated as a hospital, but returned to his original destination in the interwar period. In the early 80s, the Casino “suffered” the last renovation, At which time they have been added new decorations and stained glass.
Today, the Casino building, is “guarding” the  waterfront, waiting to regain its shine once were.

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