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District Court of Caracal, CaracalCod 1590

By 1896 Court Romanaţi operated inside the Prefecture. Becoming cramped the local authorities took the decision of building the headquarters of justice. The building was constructed in neoclassical style, and to serve as the Palace of Justice. Was augmented by a new construction that was added in 1927 for  the Court of Jurors and for the second section of the tribunal.

In this building functioned the two sections of the Romanati Court, the Section I and Section II, Section Guardians, Romanaţi Prosecutor’s and Portarei. Information about court activity in the period 1896-1928 is provided to us by the monography of Romanati county from 1928. According to this monograph during the period, worked as Prezident (presidents) and Prime Prezident (Prime-presidents) Victor Antinescu, Ion Hagiescu-Miriste, Ion Stănescu- Buzau, Mircea Căpitănescu, Eugen Mărculescu. Section I of the Court Romanati was headed by first president Eugen Mărculescu, with the judge sitting  Ion Georgescu, President and Ion Anastasiu, as Deputy Judge Thomas G.Veleanu and on office 1 Petre Mihail as president. Section II of the Court Romanaţi, was directed by N. Barbulescu, President, and as judges of meeting Stefan Constantinescu with the rank of president and Gheorghe Marinescu, as Deputy Judge, T. Ronea and cabinet 2 had instruction had T . Cristea. Section guardianship had as hearing judge Dimitrie Dăbuleanu.

Stefan Ricman states in Monography of Romanaţiu that at the Palace of Justice in the hall of lost steps is fixed to the wall a  black marble plaque with the following inscription: „Honor and gratitude to heroes lawyers and magistrates of Romanaţi  fallen in battle during the war of 1916-1918, for unifying the nation “ and mentions as heroes Vasile V. Suditu  session judge, reserve capitan, Teodor Băloi  judge detour, Lt. reserve, Ion P. Dumitrescu  Session judge, Lt. reserve and the lawyers Nicolae I. Celarianu, Emilian Georgescu, Teodor Crâşmaru, Teodor Dobrotescu, reserve second lieutenants.

Inside Romanaţi Court in 1928 functioned Mixed District Court Caracal, having as judges C. Marinescu, C. M. Oprescu, judge help N. Alexandrescu and as clerks A.Marin and P.Ţencu, and Rural District Court Caracal having as judges Ion P. Dacian being  president of Court, C. P. Dumitrescu, judge help and the clercks  P. Ştefan Constantin and D. Dumitrescu.

Communist regime has made changes in the judiciary sistem. In 1950 Romanaţi Court becomes District Court and after the dissolution of the Romanaţi county in 1968, District Court Caracal shall enter into subordination of Olt Court. In 1956 the building was taken over by the District People’s Council and transformed, first in the Palace of Culture, and then in headquarters for various institutions. From palace of justice, the District Court has relocated until 1995. In 1995 by a court decision it was acquired by the Ministry of Justice. Between 1997-2000, there were carried out extensive repairs of consolidation and capital repairing. In  2000 District Court Caracal regained its headquarters.

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