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Movila Park, EforieCod 1187

Movila Park is  named after the founder of Eforie resort, Ioan Movilã,  former Moldovan nobleman, descendant of the great noble Moldavian family of Movileşti, who lived during the late nineteenth century. On 20 September 1899, was laid the foundation stone of the future spa resort, from nowadays, Eforie.

Ioan Movilã has established the resort Techirghiol –Movilã (later called Movilã Spa, Carmen Sylva and Vasile Roaită) on the land bought from the heirs of Mihail Kogãlniceanu. Mihail Kogãlniceanu had received this land as a reward for the patriotism shown during the Revolution of 1848 and during the Romanian War of Independence (1877-1878).

In 1924, on celebrating 25 years from the establishment of the spa resort Techirghiol, was beaten a commemorative medal, in silver and bronze, having on  the obverse the face of its founder, Ioan I.Movilã.

The  residents of Eforie City have erected a statue in the Central Park of the city in his honor.

He decided to establish on the estate purchased a spa resort between the sea beach and the lake in 1899. With funds from the exploitation of his estate and loans contracted from the banks of that time, Movilã initiated the bringing of some physicians and chemists from Vienna for water and sludge analysis, then started the construction of the two hotels – today Park Hotel and a sanatorium for warm mud baths with 50 cabins. The construction plans were designed and led by the architect Ivanovich and engineer Zissu and for construction, were brought masons craftsmen with their families, such as the family Panait and Cristu, for whom he built temporary houses. During the spring of the year 1902, construction works were completed and Movilã undertook a comprehensive promotion activity in the country and abroad in order to attract visitors. Baths and hotels have been opened during the period 15 July – 15 August 1902. Then Ioan Movilã also decided to plot  the estate between waters, in housing places that he would subsequently sell with the purpose to build here other villas and hotels for tourists. On 15 January 1904, Ioan Movilã dies, but the family headed by Elena Movilã continued to sell  the housing places on which new new villas and hotels have been built starting from 1905.

During the period 1903-1906 have been  built around 50 villas and hotels such as: Villa Colonel Negrea, Villa Cleopatra (today Cupid) Villas Sachelarie, Călinescu, Smântânescu, Predescu, Flora, Popovici hotel and Villa Eng. Zissu built next to Park Hotel,  villa that has been repaired and rebuilt during 1967. During the same period, have been  built the commercial annexes of the center, buildings that today are homes.

The administrative management was accomplished during 1918-1927 by the City Hall of Tuzla village. In 1928, Movila  resort became rural commune and in 1929, urban commune its name changed into Carmen Sylva. Since 1948, the resort was named Vasile Roaitã, and since 1962 its name was changed  into Eforie South.

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