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The Area Near Belogradchik “Planina, Burgas”, BologradchikCod 2651

“Planina Burgas” includes a hill on the outskirts of village, and part of the Belogradchik rocks on which it is built the television tower. In the red and white sandstone rocks, millions of years old, are seen hundreds of rocks full of rusty metal parts that stand against the cliff. Obviously that the metals are with technogenic character. The metal seems to be “dissolved” among the rocks during their interactions when it was fluid, then hardened too quickly. The holes are deep. Some have a deeper depth of only meters. In special cases, are two visible holes emerged from the rock and through them one can see like through a telescope. There are also metal plates, from 20-30 years ago, like they would have been done in a today factory.
Content evidence showed the existence of 80-90% iron. Iron of tens of millions of years, perhaps a product of an unknown human civilization. Atlantis? Maybe Predatlantida? Unique iron preserved by oxidation and by magnetic properties – when approaching to a magnet the fragments stick to the magnet – and this despite the fact that maybe in the last 1-2 million years ago they were exposed to bad weather. There is no exaggeration in saying that the study of the phenomenon of “Planina Burgas” may lead to the discovery of new technologies for production, processing and industrial applications of this material; “Supposedly” it was used by modern man in its simple shape 3,200 years ago.
“Kozarnika”, “Măgura” and “Planinița, Burgas” – three phenomenal monuments of world importance with the same caprice of nature almost in the same place in northwestern Bulgaria. These phenomena can change the currently dominant scientific view of the origin of the earth, the origin of life and evolution of man.

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