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The Church Obedeni, ObedeniCod 1060

The church Obedeni, with the titular saint of Saint Nicholas, Forty Martyr Saint Dimitrie and Saint Paraschave was built by Maria Georgead, Michail Obedenaru, Dimitrie Michailhescu, Stan Dumitru, Marin Dumitru, Nicolau, Stan Radu, in the year 1870, in the period of Carol I, as it is mentioned on the inscription of the church.

The first painting has been executed by the painter Serafim who also executed the holy iconostasis which is kept until present in the church (the great empress icons and archangels from the doors).

The mural painting has been repaired and much altered in comparison to the initial one, execution performed by the painter Mihail Mitescu in the years 1932 – 1936 during the period of the priest Gr. Gr. Popescu – Vărăști. In 1936, the church was washed 2 -3 times by different citizen who were paid benevolent by the Christians. In 1965, the painting was redone.

In the years 1970 – 1972, the church was renovated in proportion of 90% and painted again. Also, in 1974, it was re-consecrated.

The bell of the church was cast for the first time in the year 1919 and enlarged and returned in 1945.

Mihail Georgiade Obedenaru was born on the 5th of November 1839, in Bucharest, son of Hristache Georgiade and of Cocona Maria. The father of Obedenaru was a bargainer, landowner and land cultivator, being part of the superior walk of life. Obedenaru was a doctor and diplomat with linguistic studies, working at the legations of Romania from Rome, Constantinople, Athens. Also, he collaborated with Revue des langues romanes from Montpellier, he was a member of the Romanian Academic Society. Starting with 1859, he added to his name also the inherited one of Obedenaru, after the property Obedeni, bought by his father, original from Macedonia.

He attended the courses in the country until the age of 20, when he leaves at Paris in order to continue the studies of the medicine school, becoming an intern of the hospitals from Paris. In August 1866, he returns in the country in order to practice medicine at Bucharest. Until 1874, he is a primary care physician at the children’s hospital and professor at the Faculty of Medicine. In 1877 he is name assignee of business of the diplomatic Romanian agency at Rome. In 1879, he holds the same function at Constantinople, coming back in 1880 at Rome. And in 1885 he is named plenipotentiary minister at Athens.

Moreover, Mihail Georgiana Obedenaru was a member of the Romanian Academy, to whom he left by a will the assets and numerous manuscripts. He published scientific, medical, economical and literary brochures, but also theater pieces, collaborating at the same time with different French scientific magazines. He launched a rich collection of manuscripts including 200 Romanian areas and historical documents regarding Romania.


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