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The Church of St. Voivodes, MihailestiCod 1057

The Church of St. Voivodes, Mihailesti city, county of Giurgiu is a historical and religious architecture monument, whose bases were put in 1714. The sanctuary is Orthodox, is located on the former village Tufa-Costineni, the current district Costineni, with an architectural brancovenesc style.

Over the last year of the reign of Constantin Brancoveanu, in 1714, the church is built  having the patronage of “Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel.” (passed among Romanian Saints Martyrs by B.O.R.. on 20 of June 1992). The  founders of this church are known as Constantin Brancoveanu and Balasa which about them, very little data were kept about them. To note that on June 20, 1992, Constantin Brancoveanu is passed among Romanian Holy Martyrs of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Construction of the church was made of massive stones, without foundation, a common thing  for that period. The brancovenesc style, is characterized by triconical porch model, with portico supported by four stone columns in spiral. The internal structure of the church follows the classic scheme of an Orthodox church porch: porch, narthex, nave and sanctuary. Above the entrance to the porch are three within which icons appear representing the patron of the church, and on the left side and right side are the saints Peter and Paul. This painting was  done by painter-restorer Nicolae Augustin, in 2008. Crossing the porch in the narthex is made throught a door from solid oak adorned with a sculpture representing the Holy Archangels Michael and Gabriel. The narthex, small sized, houses inside its Greek-style chandelier. The  narthex is separated from the nave through very thick walls arch-shaped at the top. The nave is small sized,  being the only place where fragments of the original painting can be seen, since 1714. Thus, the central vault, is the Christ  Pantocrator, then the Mass and Holy Altar and angels all around. The iconostasis is linden wooden handmade and comprises the deacon doors and royal doors, made in the brancovenesc style. In the sanctuary stands the Holy Cross, depicting the Crucified Saviour, blown with gold leaf, and on the right side and left side are are depicted Virgin Mary and St. John the Apostle and Evangelist.


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