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The „Holy Trinity” Church, SlatinaCod 1657

The “Holy Trinity” Church in Slatina was originally built in 1641 by Ghenea Brătăşanu, but redone in 1784. The most important changes brought to the place of worship were made in 1886 when the church was repaired and in 1851, when it was restored the painting. The church has a structure of the ship.
According to the Christian Orthodox religion, the Holy Trinity consists of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
– God the Father is the only and Almighty;
– God the Son is the only begotten Son of God, sent to raise the sins of the world. We all are considered children of God, but Jesus is the “Son of Man” sent to raise “the ancestral sin”;
– Holy Spirit, it stated in Holy Scripture that appeared at the baptism of Jesus in the form of a dove. Then the baptism was elevated to the Holy Sacrament rank: “Sacrament of Holy Baptism.”
The three form one being in three persons (or in three roles).
The dogma of the Trinity was the result of a complex historical process in which theologians proto-orthodox were gradually forced to adopt it by their own choices, because they combated equally dogmas which they regarded as heresy and which exhausted all the logic possibilities to define the nature of Jesus Christ (simple man, simple God which only seemed a simple man, both human and divine, but two different people, both human and divine, but one person) and the relationship between God the Father and God the Son. Were abandoned the proto-orthodox models of understanding this relationship that proto-orthodox had found previously as theological progress in understanding of this relationship but, which, following the subsequent theological discussions with those branded as heretics, were rightfuly found as without the necessary tinting.
Although proto-orthodox gained previous disputes , after defining more precisely the Christian Orthodoxy they were defeated in the centuries IV and V by their successors with their own weapons, being finally declared as heretics, not because they would have combated ideas regarded as correct, but because their position lacked the theological precision and refinement called by the reconciliation of some contradictory theses accepted by theologians simultaneously.
According to Bart Ehrman, the Holy Trinity is a theological mystery and was not meant to be understood rationally: “If you think you understood it, you actually have misunderstood it.” In other words, divine Trinity is a mystery and can not be understood by the human mind.

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