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The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, CelaruCod 1309

The church was built between the years 1891 – 1896 and has as titular saint the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

The presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is celebrated on the 21st of November.

This celebration is known among the people under the name of Vovidenia or Ovedenia.

The parents of Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus are the saints Joachim and Anna. Having no children, but with faith in God, they asked God to give the honor of being parents, promising that if they will have a child, they will take him in the temple and they will dedicated him to Him.

An angel announces them they will have a girl whom they will name Mary. Saints Joachim and Anna didn’t forget about the promise made to God and three years from the birth of Mary, Mother of Jesus they brought their daughter at the temple.

Here she was greeted by the great priest Zaharia, the father of Saint John the Baptist, who brought her to the holiest rooms from this place, in the Holy of the Holiest, where she remained until the age of 15.

She was conducted in that holy place, because she herself would become “The Holy of the Holiest” of God, sanctuary of God – the Word.

From her, the Abyssal, the Eternal one, would become body, to be formed in her womb.

Among the celebrations dedicated to Mary, Mother of God, only the “Annunciation” has at the base a historical event registered in the Holy Scripture (Luca I, 26 – 38).

About the other celebrations, the canonical Gospels do no give us any kind of evidence, the information come from the Holy Traditions and from the non-canonical Gospels (apocrypha).

The priest professor Ene Braniste states the fact that this celebration was born in the Vith century “On the 20th of November 543, Justinian built up at Jerusalem, near the ruins of the temple, a church dedicated to the Holy Virgin, which, unlike the other one, was named the Virgin Mary, Mother of God “the new” church.

According to the tradition, the second day after the consecration, namely on the 21st of November, started to be celebrated the titular saint (the guardian) of the church, namely Virgin Mary, mother of God, the celebration being consecrated to its bringing at the temple”.

In the West, the celebration was adopted by the pope Grigorie the XIth, who honored her for the first time in the year 1374, at Avignon.

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