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The Village Museum, MaglavitCod 1399

The museum of the village Maglavit was inaugurated on the date of the 09th of September 2013 and it was realized from the objects donated by the people.

It was went from door to door and there were gathered the objects from the inhabitants.

Many of them were lost in times, but the ones which remained are still here.

The museum was arranged in a few rooms from the ground floor of the Community Centre and reunites traditional objects, hope chest, furniture, weaver, different documents and old documents which talk about the history of the commune.

At the arrangement there offered to help also the specialists of the Museum of Oltenia from Craiova.

The most important exhibit room is the one in which it is rendered the room of Petrache Lupu.

The ones who cone to this small room find themselves in a room from the village world, in which it is found a wooden sculpted bed with wool canvases, worked in the house.

A lamp with gas, a hope chest loaded with carpets, towels and pillows, as well as a suitcase made of canes completes the folkloric interior.

The objects which remind us about Petrache Lupu are a few and they all have been donated by his family.

On the wall there is a big icon from a monastery, which would have belonged to him, as well as a graved metal candela which was recovered from the basement of the former church.

It was attributed to Petrache Lupu, as well as the shepherd cane, sculpted in wood, which, also, was recovered and it is exhibited now to the ones who are curious to come into contact with a few contemporary things of this person about whom it is said that he is a saint and that he accomplishes miracles.



He had many deficiencies even from the birth, especially in terms of speaking. He would have seen God, under the shape of an “old man”, near a willow tree. He told the shepherd that the people must repent, and that he must deliver the message to the priest from the village. The vision repeated three times, in three consecutive Fridays. Starting from that moment, the life of the shepherd and of the commune was going to be another one. Thousand of people came in pilgrimage at Maglavit. The crippled would throw away their crooks, the blind recovered their sight, the mute people started talking, etc.

Decades after decades later, the name of Petrache Lupu, namely the one of the commune from Dolj Maglavit, were synonymous with the “divine miracle” and with the miraculous heeling which happened here, but also with the affluence of the multitude of pilgrims. In the summer of the year 1935, in only one day, ten additional trains overloaded left for Craiova in order to transport the pilgrims to Maglavit situated at 15 kilometers from Calafat.

Petrache Lupu lived between the 14th of October 1907 and the 14th of December 1994. Petrache Lupu lived almost 90 years. It is said the fact that on the time of the communists he would have been lifted up many times. The former shepherd was seen by the people as a messenger from God. Although the Orthodox Church remained reluctant with regards to the story of Petrache, the villagers managed to build a monastery on the place where Petrache would have had the visions.

In the other rooms of the museum there are ceramics and metal objects, a weaver, old costumes and books, all donated by the inhabitants of the commune.

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