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Ascension of Our Lord Church, GiurgiuCod 1036

Ascension of Our Lord Church from Giurgiu was built in 1939, in the honor of the martyr heroes died in the First World War.

Ascension of Our Lord Church from Giurgiu has a Neoclassic architecture, being built after renowned projects, imitating the structure and form of other religious monuments in the country built for the same purpose – that of honoring the memory of heroes who died for their country.

The paintings in the Church of “Ascension of Our Lord” from Giurgiu are quite old, but of an high artistic and religious importance.

The icons Mother of God, but also the other one symbolizing the Ascension of the Lord to heaven are just some of the iconic pieces of high importance.

The interior of the Church “Ascension of the Lord” from Giurgiu is quite high, showing large arcades with a well defined structure of resistance frame.

Church tower is quite tall, maybe one of the highest in the whole city of Giurgiu.

Inside the church are the relics of the Holy Martyr Sabina.

The Holy Martyr Sabina was born in Roma at the end of the Ist century and she is the daughter of a very wealthy noble man called  Herodes. In due time, the parents married her with a young noble man called Valentin, who was a governor senator in Rome. Widowed very young, Sabina decides not to marry again. Spending her days in the upscale Aventino palace, on the place where now is her church, Sabina, bought a virgin slave called Serapia. For a long time, Sabina behaved harshly with Serapia, but Serapia endured all with joy and humility. Seeing the Serapia’s humility, Sabina asked her how can she endure without complaining. Then Serapia confessed that she is a Christian and that Christ, the Lord  strengthened her to endure all hardships, libels and weight work. Her words full of love, turned  Sabina’s heart to kindness and she wanted to learn more about this religion. Thus, they have retreated to an estate in Umbria preaching the right faith to all virgins, women and widows in that land.

Shortly, the prefect of that place named Berilo has found out and commanded to caught Serapia and brought her to trial. Strongly refusing to sacrifice herself to the gods, Serapia was tortured being  hit with sticks and his body burned with torches, at the end beheaded  near the Faustino’s Arch on 28 of July.

Sabina still strongly preached Christ to the Saviour, caring for the poor, visiting the sick, and entering the most notorious places to give hope and expectance to all.

Her attitude has drawn attention of the new prefect called Elpidio, who sent to arrest her and bring to trial in front of him. He threatened ordering her to abandon the Christian tradition and to sacrifice her to idols. While remaining strong into confession of Jesus Christ, the prefect ordered that St. Sabina’s possessions to be confiscated and to be beheaded in front of everyone at the Arch of Faustino, the same place where Serapia, her maid, had been martyred. It was in 126, the 29th day  of August.

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