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Astronomical Observatory, ConstanțaCod 1153

Within the Planetarium is located the dome for astronomical observations – Astronomical Observatory. It has a diameter of 5 meters and includes a Telescope with  Cassegrain mirror.

The institution is equipped with other astronomical instruments such as: school lunette (identical with Telementor) amateur lunette and Busch binocular lunette. With the help of these tools, the Planetarium well trained staff makes astronomical observations day and night.

All Observatory specialists and tools are available to visitors eager to decipher the mysteries of the Universe.

Within the Astronomical Observatory one can identify stars and constellations, celestial bodies such as: Saturn, moon natural satellite, Galaxy M13, etc. This is achieved with the help of some lunettes located on the  observation platform from the enclosure.

The visiting schedule is flexible, especially during summer, when conditions for night observations are much better. Planetarium is available to curious people whenever there takes place an astronomical phenomenon.

The audience visiting the museum is very varied, from preschoolers to the elderly. During low season, the Planetarium is visited by organized groups of students and tourists, and during the summer season, tourists are those who come in large number to explore the mysteries of the sky. For those who have never visited a Planetarium, it is an unforgettable experience. Whenever there takes place a special astronomical phenomenon (eclipses, stars rains, etc.)  those interested can come to Observatory to benefit from  observations with special tools and explanations.

In exchange for the amount of 3 RON tourists passionate of astronomy will get a small lesson about the formation of the Universe and will be able to observe planets and other celestial bodies. With a special telescope, those passionate of astronomy can see the hidden faces of the hottest celestial body, the Sun. At dusk, Moon and stars become the stars of the celestial vault.

The  Observatory is equipped with Casse-Grain telescope (Carl Zeiss Jena) originating from the former German Democratic Republic and was achieved during 1968 on 14 February. It succeeds to increase about 360 times, so that enthusiasts of astrological sensations can admire the planets Saturn, Jupiter, Venus and Mars, each during a specific time of the day. The telescope has not been used since 2005 due to some technical problems, this being recalibrated during 2015 by a specialist

Astronomical Observatory within the Natural Science Museum Complex has been renovated after many years. It reopened to the general audience since 10 June 2015.

Astronomical Observatory from Constanţa holds numerous activities dedicated to children, their creativity being thus stimulated. Also, during the summer,  there take place the classes of the summer school “New Horizons”, and those interested will have the opportunity to unravel the mysteries of the Universe. Children learn about each celestial body and each planet of the solar system, make remarks both during daylight and at night and participate to various competitions after which they are awarded. Classes are held twice a week, on Fridays and Saturdays and is open to pupils aged 5 to 15 years. Astronomical Observatory is thus a tourist attraction and a very important center of culture and research.

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