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Baptist Church, ScorniceștiCod 1651

The Baptist Church in Scorniceşti is the only place of this orientation in the city.
Baptists are Christians who comprise a group of cults and churches following a doctrine that baptism is performed only to the people who had a confession of faith which must be done by immersion. Baptist Confession focuses on believer’s baptism, which must take place by complete immersion after the confession of faith in Jesus as Savior and Lord. Other beliefs of Baptists are freedom of the soul, salvation by faith alone, the Bible as the sole authority and autonomy of the local church. Many Baptists believe in Protestantism, but there is historical evidence that contradicts this. Baptist World Alliance gives a total of more than 44 million members in approximately 150,000 congregations.
In 2002, there were more than 100 million Baptists around the globe and more than 33 million in North America. After the number of members worldwide, Baptists are the largest Christian denomination in comparison with other Protestant denominations.
Baptists believe in religious freedom, in the Bible as the only book of doctrine and authority, salvation by faith and alone church autonomy.
Baptist churches are not subject to central government authorities, which leads to a diversity of belief from one church to another. But these churches are recognized by the Ministry of Cults and within the country, there is a Union of Christian Baptists.
Baptist distinctive beliefs are common to all Baptist churches, some of them being, aldo shared by other denominations but evangelical congregation. Among the significant Baptist doctrinal documents are the Confession of Baptis Faith in London (1689) and the Confession of Baptist Faith of the Cult of Romania.
Among the distinctive Baptist beliefs are: the Bible’s authority, the autonomy of local churches, the priesthood of all believers, the recognition of two symbols of faith (Baptism and the Lord’s Supper), individual freedom of the soul, the separation of Church from State and the recognition of the three functions in the church (that of pastor and presbyter and that of deacon).
Within the Olt county there are 10 Baptist church.

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