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The BULSTARD Arena public-private project aims to support the economic, cultural and social development of Ruse and the region, by creating conditions for conducting professional sporting events and entertainment.
It is orented to visitor attraction in the region of Ruse and Giurgiu and Bucharest, neighboring territories, located on the Danube River.

BULSTRAD Arena is one of the most modern and multifunctional centers in Bulgaria, designated for sports and entertainment events, national and regional. Arena functionality offers the possibility of maintaining a dynamic and well optimized calendar, encompassing various events.

Main features:
5 100 Comfortable seating places, of which 100 premium seats.
1 200 field seats at events that involve concerts.
3 000 tanding places on the field, within the events involving concerts.
6 VIP lodges, each with an adjacent row of 12 luxurious seats.
1 presidential lodge with 43 luxury seats and three cubicles.
1 main hall with removable wooden floors (volleyball, basketball, handball and badminton).
2 gyms with certified floor in FIVB, IHF, FIBA.
1 100 parking places – underground parking.
Restaurant for visitors and guests.
Restaurant for athlets.
Press center.
Conference room.
Offices and additional space.
Lockers and dressing rooms.
Mobile locations for the sale of food and drinks in the room and beyond.
Booths for commentators.
System for access control.
Room control for safety supervision.

The comfort at every level of visitors and users, consists of a combination of actions, services and best practices, which aim to guarantee the good state of mind and pleasant memories during the visit. The comfort is the guarantee of sustainable development and success of the hall because its visitors will want to visit us again, which is our main goal. Unlike the existing halls in Bulgaria, here have thought to spend enjoyable time by our guests before, during and after events. The hall still has an important advantage! It is amphitheater – shaped, a fact that enables the public to be close to the action and emotion.

The hall meets all international requirements for carrying sports and entertainment events for this capability. This is the most functional hall in Bulgaria because, still in the process of its realization, have been taken into account, all the current requirements of this segment – the sports and entertainment industry.

Did you spend the night/ are you planning to spend the night in the region?
If yes, how many nights do you intend to/have spend in the region?
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