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Church of Saint Spyridon, CorabiaCod 1612

Saint Spyridon Church of in Corabia was built around 1843 by Enache Grecescu. The first repairs were made in 1924, and the abode was repainted in 1987.

Saint Spyridon is honored by the Church on December 12. St. Spiridon is the saint that leaves the reliquary, periodically to help the people who call upon him in prayer, with faith and love. Thus, as is commonly known, Saint Spyridon of Trimythous whose holy relics are preserved in the great cathedral of Corfu, Greece, is a great miracle maker.

St. Spyridon was born around year 270 in the town of Aski, Cyprus, in the times of St. Emperor Constantine the Great.  Its name comes from the Greek word which means “braided basket”. Before being ordained bishop, being married and having a daughter, Spiridon was occupied with grazing sheep. Becoming a widower when being young, the saint continued to raise his daughter alone. Later, the saint’s daughter, Irina, will also pass away. The Saint will choose an ascetic life, spending his his entire fortune on the care for the sick and hosting of foreigners.

For his clean life, Spiridon was elected bishop of the city Trimythous, located near the town of Paphos, in this capacity he participated at the First Ecumenical Synod (Nicea, 325).  Elected bishop of city Trimythous the saint switched from grazing sheep, to take care, zealously of the people in need, but without forgetting about the first. Thus, humble Spiridon kept grazing sheep also after his ordination as bishop. Around the year 295, during the time of persecution of pagan Emperor Maximilian, the saint of Trimythous was arrested and exiled for a while. At the meetings of the Ecumenical Council of Nicea, convened by the Holy Emperor Constantine the Great against the heresy of Arius, in the year 325, the saint of Trimythous will appear before all as a superior defender of the true faith and miracle maker. To shut the mouth of Arian heretics who fought against the Holy Trinity, the saint picks up a brick, makes the sign of the Cross over it and prays. Then, clutching it in his hand, the brick breaks down in the three parts of which had been made: fire rises up, the earth remains in his hand and the water flows on the floor. In this way, the saint showed how three things can exist simultaneously in one: such as the brick in which are simultaneously fire and water and earth, so, Father, Son and Holy Spirit are Three and One at the same time.

The Saint Spyridon passed away in year 348, at the age of 78, being buried, after fit in the Church of the Holy Apostles in Trimythous city.

In order to guard against the Saracin danger the Cypriots have decided to move its venerable relics in the Byzantine capital, Constantinople.

In 1453, shortly before the Turks conquered the Byzantine capital, the relics of St. Spyridon are taken to Serbia and then in Corfu, Greece, where are today. In Greek island the relics were brought by Father Georgios Kalohairetis.

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