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Community Center Postoyanstvo, LomCod 2119

The Cultural Center “Perseverance” is a self-governing cultural and educational association of the population of the town of Lom, fulfilling cultural and educational tasks. The community center is a non-profit organization, registered under the Law on Cultural Centers. Its purpose is to meet the needs of local communities related to the development and enrichment of cultural life, preservation of customs and traditions, broadening people’s knowledge and their adherence to the values and achievements of science, art and culture, promoting regional developments in all areas of public life for providing access to modern information and communications technology.

For the first time in the history of our language the word “center” appears in Lom at the secular and patriotic, school professor Krastao, in Rodina in 1848. Many of his articles in “Constantinople Gazeta” Lom and Vidin say that the library existed long before the official opening on April 23, 1856, and according to Dimitar Marinov the first opening of the library took place on October 27, 1852 and the first Bulgarian theater, within the community center,was born in 1856 and its first performance was the play “Long-suffering Genoveva”.

Krusty Rodina became the founder and creator of the first Bulgarian theater – director, producer, writer and artist. In the same year, he played the second theater performance “Velizarievata Opera”, which was accompanied by the music of a small orchestra. There are multilateral cultural and educational activities of the library, for both commemorative collection issued to celebrate the 70th and the 100th anniversary of the library, and in 1927 and 1956 echoes of the labor of the community lyuborodnoto keep flashing and living through cultural spaces – a library for children and adults, meetings with artists, theater, folklore through the ensemble band of old songs  “Ekaterina Vankova”, school of Arts. Even today, nearly a century and a half, the centre “Perseverance” proves an undeniable contribution to the survival of our nationality, language and our culture.


The Library

The library “Perseverența” from the town of Lom was established in 1848 at the school where has taught the professor Krusty Rodina. It’s generally available in most part of the municipality of Lom. It holds over 107,000 library items – books, periodicals, graphic and cartographic publications, filmstrips, video, rich musical background with a lot of valuable materials. Here are stored 163 incunables, rare and valuable books. Another valuable background is from local collections, which includes 270 volumes and which serve, annually over 3,000 readers and are distributed to 36 000 volumes. The latest activity which takes place in the library of the community center is that of automation of library and information processes. Since 2004, was introduced the software “Automated Library” AB which can be accessed on the Internet.

The Theatre

The creative work module of the theater “Kr. Rodina”, made possible that in the last 150 years to be staged 483 pieces. Among these are included “Ivanko” (V. Drumev) “Outcasts” (Iv. Vazov), ” At the foothills of Vitosha ” (Iavorov), ” Mother in law ” (A. Strashimirov) “Golemanov” (v. Kostov) “Inspector” (Gogol), “Romeo and Juliet”, “Othello”.

Those over 20 plays brought to the audience unforgettable experiences. Performances like “Regional Hospital” (Hr. Boychev), “Hamlet performance in the village of Lower Pocus ” (Ivo Breschan), “Lady Ministershata” (Br. Nushich) ” Forests from distance to cold ” (Elin Pelin) and “Lovchenskiyat Bishop” (T . Ikonomov) were honored with prestigious awards at the national festivals in Topolovgrad and Kavarna.

Operetta Theatre

Operetta art roots must be sought in more distant past – on December 12, 1856 is presented in Lom the opera “Velizarievata”.

Operetta Theatre in Lom was founded on December 1st, 1923, and on March 13, 1927 took place the premiere of the operetta “Mamzel Niţu” by Herve, under the baton of Peter Evstatiev, founder of operetta theater. Since then, were presented 55 performances of Bulgarian and world classics, many concerts and other activities.

Living proof are shows like ” Countess Maritza”, “Queen Czardas”, “Lady Duch” and “La Bayadere” by Kalman, ” The merry widow ” and others. For its artistic achievements the Operetta Theatre was decorated with “Cyril and Methodius” – first degree in 1973, national champion – 1953 Laureate and with Medal II, III, IV, V and VII the festival of the republican art amateurs and the title of The theater “Representative” operetta in 1983 at the republican festival. It is recorder the anniversary performance for “The Merry Widow” to celebrate the anniversary of 75 years. And the Operetta Theatre has found a place in the “Golden Fund” of the Bulgarian National Radio.

Dance Ensemble “Dunav”

Dance Ensemble “Dunav” was created in 1976. The artistic director and choreographer is Mr. Parvan Parvanov. The choreographic format allows entrepreneurs to include in their repertoire dances from the all ethnographic regions of Bulgaria. The folklore ensemble performs a repertoire of 20 dances that are combined and have different costumes. The ensemble includes 30 dancers and an orchestra of six musicians. The folklore group successfully participated in international festivals in Macedonia, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Romania and France.

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