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Dam “Ogosta”, MontanaCod 2188

The “AUGUSTA” dam, in northwest Bulgaria, the fourth area and fourth artificial reservoir in the room. Stocks the collected waters from the rivers August, Barzia and Zlatisa, and is located 600 meters southwest of the suburbs of Montana, 60 meters above the city. Its capture surface is of 948kmp , while the lake cover a 23,6kmp area. The water volume is of 384 million M3 and the total volume -… 506 million M3
Dam construction lasted 20 years and ended in 1986. Under its waters remain two villages, whose inhabitants were displaced in Montana and Berkovitsa – Jivovtsi village where were born the writer and artist Ivan Davidkov, Atanas Stoyanov – poet, writer and journalist and Kalimanitsa, the native village of the writer Radichkov.

In 1999, the volume of water is for industrial fishing. The diversity of fish in there is great, carp, roach, bream, perch, Nase, barbel, catfish, pike, bleak.

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