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Ethnographic Museum, BerkovitsaCod 2100

On 04/04/1971, is opened the Ethnographic Museum – Berkovitz within the Konov house.
Ethnographic Museum – Berkovitz presents the material and spiritual culture of the region. It is housed in Sarbinska house – a typical building of the old town of Berkovitsa.
Ethnographic Museum – Berkovitz has a rich exhibition that presents the lifestyle and customs of the people of northwestern Bulgaria and is included in hundreds of travel sites.
Sarbinska house is an authentic representative of the ancient urban architecture, with an outdoor sofa on south, with characteristic elements. The building has architectural and cultural value, and is a building of local importance, sought for museum collections, studies, which present and promote the cultural monuments asociated with the traditions of the region. In its funds are stored over 15,000 movable cultural values. Among its collections stand out: “Ceramics”, “copper tools”, “lowered sails,” “ornaments”, “costume”, “handmade carpets,” ” Karakachanski costumes”, “urban dresses from the 20s of last century ” and other.
Among the various collections of the museum, visitors can see exhibits of Berkovska ceramics, kilim rugs, costumes, urban dresses of Karakachan from the 20s of the nineteenth century. There are also, typical for the region crafts – pottery, copper, svilarstvo (producing silk) and others.
The preserved collections have thousands of unique objects of arts, crafts and customs. The visitor can see the rich diversity of colors in the manufacture of garments, carpets and jewelry, objects of everyday life of traditional regional habits.
Most of the exhibits are related to crafts, costumes and objects from everyday life – during the Ottoman rule Berkovitz was developed for boats but mainly in the production of ceramics.
For museum visitors, particularly interesting is the domestic bathroom – because of how of the water heated – on one of the walls of the bathroom were hung two ceramic pots that are linked into the room from the other side of the wall, in which was located the kitchen, by a wall heater. When the stove wall is lit, it gives warmth also to the two vessels. Can be seen more ceramic articles on the sewage for wastewater removal. “Meek” is the place for washing dishes in the kitchen.
Ethnographic Museum – Berkovitz houses often temporary and thematic exhibitions and collections. Organises concerts, book presentations, demonstrations of crafts and much more. It is included in the list of hundreds of travel sites.

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