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Former Deleni Hermitage, Teslui, DeleniCod 1718

Former Deleni Hermitage dates from 1767. After Ion Ionaşcu’s specifications, the construction was accomplished in the years 1644-1648, by Drăguşin Deleanu – great cupberar. Visiting the region Ioan Slavici and arch. G. Mandrea found the tearing down of the building because of the collapse of the shore of the river Olt and appreciated that the unfortunate event occurred in 1725 when the hermitage was dedicated as Metohija, to the Metropolitan Church. In 1767 Drăguşin Deleanu’s grandson, Grigore Deleanu – the seneschal rebuilt the hermitage, from which are preserved the original fresco, church belfry and debris of the enclosure wall. A part of the land on which the village was settled, belonged to boyar Deleanu , a relative of Matei Basarab. The village seems to have been founded by the boyar’s servants. The historical truth tells that in 1644 the nobleman Drăguşin Deleanu has raised a hermitage called Schitu-Deleni, which was taken by the waters of river Olt, four years later. Over a century or so, the nobleman’s grandson, Grigore Deleanu, restored the hermitage, and moved it on the hill Roşca. The first of the Deleni recalled by the historical sources is Deleanu Drăguşin, maternal relative of Matei Basarab and born in a family with government ranks during the reign. This one is remembered as the founder of a very beautiful monastery, which raised it in 1644 on the shore of river Olt on the property tha owned, in the village which today bears the name ” Deleni”.
According to the book “Repertoire of Architecture in Romanian Country 1600-1680” by Teresa Sinigalia, appeared in 2004, under the steeple of the church was engraved: „In days of our Lord, I, Matheiu Basaraba Voevodă and Ruler, was the raising of this Holy and Godly house dedicated to Saint Trinity, which was raised in God’s Glory, for fogiveness, in fully eternal charity this good christian , master Dragusin the senechal, his housekeeper Dragana and his coocons: Gorgan, Nicola, Fota, Stana, Aspre and Anca… and after the occasion as they could, the have strengthened and adorned it with estates and victuals of all kind and gave it to parents monks to make prayers and to be food and clothing all time “.

Visiting the abode, which he calls “Drăguşin’s monastery”, the famous traveler Archdeacon Paul of Aleppo noted in his diary that Deleanu Drăguşin “has recently built it near the river Olt. The Church is proud and next to it is a large fountain and a bell. ”
Unfortunately, this abode was destroyed by the waters of river Olt at only four years after its construction. It was rebuilt in 1767 by the founder’s descendants.

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