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Friendship Bridge – Danube BridgeCod 2317

Danube Bridge, called also the Friendship Bridge is a steel bridge beams over the Danube River between the towns of Ruse and Giurgiu (river kilometer 488.7). It has a length of 2.80 km and passes at a height of 30 meters above the water. It is built on two levels – for trains and vehicles. The middle (length 85 m) can rise and allow the passage of large ships. The bridge is one of two bridges over the Danube river border between Bulgaria and Romania, which has a length of about 500 km. The bridges’ architecture belongs to architect Georgi Ovcharov and the artistic arrangement (portals on Romanian and Bulgarian bank and eagle heads on its length) is done by Mihaylo Parashchuk, Ukrainian sculptor. It officially opened for service on June 20, 1954, combined the largest bridge of its time (with track and trafficking in motor vehicles) in Europe. It was built in 2.5 years of Bulgaria and Romania, in cooperation with the URRS.

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