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The “Said Pasha” Mosque, RuseCod 2378

Mosque “Said Pasha” in the Russian city was built in 1839 on the site before it, Hadzhi Bakr, and is one of the places of Muslim confession. After repair the main acquired its current appearance in 1975.
It is street corner. “Nikolaevska” the street. “Samuil” in Islamic religious school yard built by Said Pasha, as a school for girls.

It differs roof beam characteristic Renaissance (Baroque Levantine). The mosque keeps hair from the beard of Prophet Muhammad, which dezvăşuie the feast Sakala. Mosque “Said Pasha” was named after Mârza Said Pasha, who was governor eialetului Silistra. In the book Anna Bakradzhieva, “Ruse. Space and history “related that Hadzhi Bekir mosque burned and served as fund maintenance car was small and insufficient to restore it. Therefore, in 1839, Marza Said Pasha bought properties vecineşi handed them over to the fund. He built it completely and I moscheeaîn dough name. Its current appearance was obtained after a primary repair made by the heirs of Said Pasha in 1975.
In 2012, the mosque was not working due to street repairs in the vicinity of the mosque, because of leakage of underground water and sewer system. Street was repaired, but the mosque was consolidated only partly outside.

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