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House Museum “Stoyan and Bohuslav”Cod 2223

South of the house-museum “Stoyan and Bohuslav” on paved with slabs alley visitors pass under the original tunnel of vines and fruit trees and stop trembling before the memorial tomb of the father and son Zaimovi. Built in 1960 on drafts of sculptor George Kotzev and architect Boris Markov. The base of the tomb is rectangular shaped by large granite buchard blocks. Above them in the middle smaller blocks of the same material surround both graves. In northeastern side rises a not very high wall of four blocks of granite and buchard. From it are growing other four high granite stones with rough handling. On average there are two sculpted relief images of Stoyan and Vladimir Zai – Moville to the chest. Below them are carved following inscriptions: “Stoyan Zaimov 1853-1932” “General Vladimir Zaimov 1888 – 1942” Halfway between the stones with images of Zaimovi placed granite slab engraved with the following inscription: “… I followed office! I worked as an apostle in Utah, Orhanie, Berkovska and Oryahovska kaazes, ideas planned to reach a total rebellion and war … “From the testimony of St. Zaimov the Turkish vessel “… monuments of freedom and monuments of the War of 1877 – 1878 god. Is a deep historical connection between the two brotherly nations – Blood historical connection.

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