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Monastery of Saint Mary, Karan Varbovka villageCod 2334

Karan Varbovka monastery of “St. Marina “is located near the Varbovka Karan village, 22 km from the town of Dve Mogili, about 55 km south of Ruse.
To the monastery from Karan Varbovka you can reach from Karan Varbovka village on a paved road that follows the flow of the river Cherni, the distance of several kilometers.
Karan monastery at Varbovka, “St. Marina “was founded during the Second Bulgarian Kingdom and existed until the fall of Bulgaria under Ottoman rule, it was completely destroyed. Information about the monastery we can find in a story by Michael Grancharov 1843, where he claims that the holy monastery has existed since the time of the Bulgarian Tsars.
According to the legend, the monastery reconstruction from Karan Varbovka is due to a blind Turkish boy, washed with the water that flowed from the place destroyed were the monastery was, and began to see. This happened on July 17, the day that celebrates the holy Marina. In gratitude, the father and landowner donated the land to Christians were the miraculous spring is. Between 1828-1849, gradually, there were built monastic cells and a small church.
The third period in the history of Karan Varbovka monastery began in 1890, when the monastery church was built, and the source was turned into a fountain. After Liberation, the monastery organized annual student colonies. In 1940 the monastery built a kitchen, dining room, warehouse, cellar and bathroom. After September 9, 1944, the monastery were already established camps pioneering and Komsomol, and in 1993, the colony of children and youth were renovated.
Since 1965, the monastery at Karan Varbovka status was of a convent for nuns. In our times, the monastery of nuns from Karan Varbovka is permanently active and inhabited by four elder monks. The monastery church was built in 1890 and, since then, the source was turned into a fountain. It is considered that this water helps cure people blind, dumb, for kidney problems and others. In 1940 the monastery were built kitchen, dining room, warehouse, cellar and bathroom. Celebration of the patron is on 17 July.

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