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Stone churches from IvanovoCod 2324

Stone monastery “St. Archangel Michael “is located 22 km from the town of Ruse, near the village of Ivanovo, on the borders of Natural Park” Rusenski Lom”. The road to the complex leads to a paved road with nameplates and, at the foot of the cliffs, there is parking for cars. A system of steps in the rocks gives visitors access to various churches and chapels in the area. The monastery was founded in the 20th century XIII by monk Joachim, who later became Bulgarian Patriarch. Bulgarian tsars, John Asen II (1218-1241), John Aleksandar (1331-1371) and other representatives at the court of Tsar is among the donors for the monastery, their portraits of founders being kept until today. The monastery brings together more complex stone rooms. In six of the patrons were preserved frescoes revealing specifics of Bulgarian church art in centuries XIII – XIV. During the Second Bulgarian Empire up (centuries XII – XV), the monastery was confirmed as a great spiritual and literary center. The inscriptions on the walls of the cells provides information about important historical events. The frescoes in the church “St. Mother” are known worldwide. They are among the most representative models of Paleolithic culture of the Balkans. Their exceptional artistic qualities are the reason for their inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list.
In the XIV century, the monastery became a center of Hesychasm – a mystical trend of Orthodox Christianity. Ivanovo rock complex existed in the first centuries of Ottoman rule, but gradually declined.
In 1978 it was declared a National Archaeological Reserve.
Today the monastery is not functional.
In the complex are sold information materials and souvenirs.

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