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Navy Museum, ConstanțaCod 1150

By the Decision of the Council of Ministers no. 1127 of 29 May 1969 published in the Official Gazette of R.S.R., Year V, no. 63, p. I, of 2 June 1969, the Romanian Navy Museum has been authenticated as a republican institution, museum of first category, unique in the country. Located in the headquarters of the former Naval School, on 3 August 1969, the Romanian Navy Museum opened its doors in Constanţa, with the core consisted in the marine exhibition held in Mangalia since 1965. By Law no. 311/2003 of Museums and public collections, the Romanian Navy Museum was reconfirmed as a museum of national significance, the second within the Ministry of National Defense and the only one in Dobrudja.

The Romanian Navy Museum is organized on the tematico-chronologically basis, according to the periods of the Romanian historiography and has four sections: ages old, medium, modern and contemporary, presented over 30 halls with an area of ​​10.775 sqm. The ground floor is dedicated to the exhibition of the most important moments in the history of antiquity and the Middle Ages Navy, underlining the link that the Romanian people had since always with waters.

The original objects exhibited in these halls include the amphora with sheep tallow, from III century ac., monoxila from century XV, the navigation toolbox from centuries XVI-XVII, weapons, coins, etc.

Upstairs, there are evoked the evolution of Romanian harbours and shipyards, the development of the ships park of the Romanian Maritime Service, Romanian River Navigation and of the shipping companies during the contemporary period.

Marine uniforms can be admired from 1860 until today, orders and medals granted to Romanian Navy heroes, weapons and firearms, underwater weapons, manuals and navigation courses,  transceiver equipment.

In the museum park there are exposed outdoors warships, naval engines, anchors and propellers, and naval artillery pieces. The most valuable cultural assets are included in the collections “Fireguns,” “Orders and Medals”, “Plaques and Badges”, “Uniforms and Accessories”, “Model Boats”, “Anchors”, the picture gallery, photo collection, “Numismatics”, Collections of the book collection: “Old books”, “Manuscripts and Letters”, “Manuals, Courses and Navy Instructions” and “Navy Media.”

The heritage of the Romanian Navy Museum also includes unique collections such as “Navigation tools”, “Archaeological assets”, “Lens and models of lighthouses,” “Flags of fighting, pavilions, brands and navy banners”, “Ship propellers” “Artillery and artillery pieces”,”Underwater weapons”,”Seals “,”Nautical charts and ship plans”,”Works of art”,”Photo albums”,

“Graphics and sculpture”, “Ships and fragments of ships”, “Transmissions “,”Navy engines “,”Patents, diplomas and military documents “, Various collections I –books of  impressions, books of honor, speeches of some personalities, Various II – leaflets, posters, media collages;  Various III – personal archive (memories, certificates, tickets, property titles, diplomas, personal items, poems, books, etc.).

Total number of pieces: 37.800 goods,  number of collections: 33 collections of  which 22 museum collections, 8 documentary fund and 3 miscellaneous

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