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Saint George Church, DăbuleniCod 1388

In the center of the locality Dăbuleni there is situated the “Saint George” Church, which has two parishes.

The place of worship was built in 1817 by “the endeavor and the expense of the mister boss Gheorghe and the boss Hagi Enus”, as it is written on the inscription from above the access door in the church, these people having such founders in all the southern part of the county.

The church was built in the shape of a ship.

The interior of the church was painted in 1946, between 1998 and 1999 being redone, and in the year 2000 there were executed a series of interior reparations.

The church was consecrated on the 21st of September 2002 by His Grace Nicodim Gorjanul, the vicar bishop of Craiova.

In this parish there also services bishops from Basarabia who, in the communist period, tried to get away from the communist persecution.

Also the communists dissolved the parish, being re-founded in 1996.

The Saint Forty Martyr George was born in Cappadocia, of Christian parents. He lived in the times of the emperor Diocletian (the IVth century). Because of his courage and his victories, he becomes the leader of the army.

In the year 303, the emperor Diocletian will start the fight against the Christians. The places of worship were destroyed, the Christian gatherings were prohibited, the holy books were burned, and the ones who refused to make sacrifices for the gods, were killed.

In this situation, Saint George doesn’t keep away of confessing his faith in Christ, which is why he will be imprisoned. He will be subjected to diverse afflictions: hitting with spear, the breaking wheel, buried in whitewash, flagstones put on his chest, etc., but no torture could make him give up his faith.

The ones present to these sufferings, astonished by the fact that Saint George remained unharmed and that he resurrected a dead, gave up the pagan belief and received the faith in Christ. The miracle of resurrecting the deceased one convinced even the empress Alexandra, the wife of Diocletian, to embrace the Christianity.

Saint George was allured with honors in order to make sacrifices for the gods, but these attempts were in vain.

Because he didn’t give up his faith in Christ, Saint George is sentenced to death by decapitation, on the day of the 23rd of April 304, since then, this day remained a day of celebration.


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