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The Children’s Club, SegarceaCod 1410

The children’s club from Segarcea is one of the locations in which most of the children from Segarcea develop extra-curricular activities.

The building in which the Children’s Club Segarcea develops its activity was built in the year 1886 being financed by the Domain of the Crown and functioned as a Girls’ School. In 1970 it was financed the Pioneers’ House and, later on, in 1989 in was called the Children Club.

In the school year 2007 – 2008 the building was rehabilitates, offering an agreeable environment for the students to develop their activity.

The children club Segarcea is an education institution in which there are developed instructive – educational activities outside the class hours from school. The activity is organized on circles, on beginner, advanced and performance groups, having as objective the thoroughness and the completion of the knowledge acquired during the school, the development of the abilities, according to the vocation and the options of the students. At the activities organized by the Children Club Segarcea can participate children of the pre-school age, students from the primary, gymnasium and high-school cycle.

The Children Club Segarcea has:

  • 560 students, of whom pre-primary: 90, primary: 180, gymnasium: 230, high-school: 60;
  • 90 students are Gypsies, namely 24% of the school population.

The Children Club Segarcea functions with a number of 5 circles. The offered courses are free.

The origin of the word Segarcea comes from the union of the of two words: “seges” – field, land, productive land in Latin and “arcesitus” – the one who is searched, the one who is wanted, the dreamt one. By combining these two words there was arrived to the form “Segarcea”, namely “The wanted land”, or “The much dreamed land” of these fugitives who wandered in these forests.

The significance of the word “Segarcea” would be, therefore: distant village, the village of the fugitive people, the wanted village, the correspondent one for their wishes, having a strategic position and being surrounded by the fertile lands.

The first form of the name of the locality found in the documents was Segarcea. Throughout the time the locality had different forms of the name Segarcea: Sigarcea, Sagarcea, Segarcea and Segarcea.

The first documentary mention about the existence of a property at Segarcea is the one from the document of the 10th of June 1416, written at Arges, during the reign of Mircea I of Wallachia. Through this document, the prince strengthens to the aristocrats the properties. Among the aristocrats who signed the documents is also found an aristocrat with the name “Dragomir from Segarcea”. The existence of a Segarcea property, also assumes the existence of a human community which worked on this property, the community which formed a village which took the name of this property. The old men say the fact that, at the beginning, the village was found in the point named Valea Oanii.


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