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“St. George” Church, Veliko TarnovoCod 2587

The church was situated at the foot of the south slope of the Trapezitsa Citadel. It is a massive stone building sized 10.4 * 5.12 m. According to the plan the church consists in one nave, one apse, a little narthex and semi-cylindrical vault. and semi-cylindrical vault.
The current church was built in the 17th century. The information on this is written in the donor’s inscription situated above the front door on the porch. It reads: “This divine and purified Temple of the glorious holy Martyr Georgi Pobedonosets, was built and decorated for a joint cause and with the hard work and sacrifices of Paraskevi and Irina in the times of Archbishop Gabriel in 7124 (1616) and it was started on 15 March and finalized on 20 May “. It is important to note that in 1616 the temple was built on the foundations of the church, which functioned most likely during the capital Tarnovo.

The iconography of the nave is simplified and easily perceivable. In the center of the altar there is an image of “St. Maria Shirshaya ” above “the descent of the Holy Spirit to the apostles” and below – “Eucharistia”. At the altar are images of St. Cyril of Alexandria, St. Archdeacon Stephen, St. John Damascene, St. Basil the Great and others. In one niche is painted the scene of “Christ in the tomb.”

On the first row of the north and south nave you-can see depictions of St. Demetrius, St. George and St. Theodore Thyron St. Theodore the Stratelates and others. The western walls bear images of female saints, the most prominent of whom is St. Petka (Paraskeva). The second and third register on the northern wall is filled with medallions, friezes, where numerous Christian saints are drawn. The west wall of the nave is occupied by several compositions “The Assumption”. The series of three pictures includes “The Holy Week” – ” The Feast of the Cross”, “The Last Supper” and “The Feast of the Cross”.

In the narthex are preserved remains of paintings in two layers. The first surviving “Genesis” and the faces of prophet Elijah and Enoch from the Old Testament. The second picture illustrates “The Judgement”. The Church of St. George was restored and preserved in the period 1968-1971 according the project of architect Boyan Kuzupov.

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