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The Hotnitsa Eco-Route, HotnitsaCod 2536

The Eco-Route from Hotnitsa is located in Veliko Tarnovo, near the Hotnitsa village. Near this village in 2006, it was found the oldest gold treasure in the world, 7.000 years, until now the oldest is found in Varna / 5000 years /. It was built in the Bohot River gorge. The Eco-Route begins with a beautiful waterfall, with a height of above 30 meters and a small pond. A waterfall feature is its greenish specific color.
Eco-route itself starts at Hotnitsa Waterfall, which is one of the most picturesque waterfalls in the country. The Eco-route runs along the river Bohot and upstream. The route crosses the river at several locations on a network of stairs and wooden bridges that lead to the crown of stone across the river. From here you can continue on a narrow path along the ridge for about half an hour to reach the starting point of the route. Interesting are the waterfalls, the river form sthem. Hotnitsa route length is about 1.5 km. There si a parking where you can leave your car. At the beginning of eco-route to Hotishki Waterfall there is a separate area for picnics.

Eco-route of Hotnitsa – it is built entirely in Bohot River gorge. According to the experts, the Hotnitsa Waterfall is located in the gorge, and it is the most attractive waterfall in the northern point of the Bulgaria country.

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